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I started making custom bulk orders for my students and started the Creator’s Co-op with the extras. Teachers can apply for whole class packs of materials and machines. Supporters make these grants possible. Click the button to see if you are a good fit for a grant. 

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Supporters make up a fun community. Their support is buying materials that is going directly to classrooms, helping to develop new free creator resources, and keeping this website a free resource. 

The class I want for my own children: “Innovative Arts”


All kids can be creators. We can teach them how to use all the free resources online to pursue their curiosity and develop their own passions. To this end, I’ve created “Innovative Arts” class to replace our middle school technology class. 

Innovative Arts class sections:

  • How to think like a creator
  • Manage your projects
  • Become more creative
  • Document your projects and process
  • Represent yourself as a creator

“Puzzle” “Shift” and “Create” are the three ideas that help students become creators. 

“Puzzle” is understanding how our mindsets and attitudes come together. A poor mindset will defeat you before you start.

“Shift” is about shifting technology from a toy into a tool. We can harness technology to work faster, learn more, and be inspired daily.  

“Create” is to bring to life the creator in each middle school kid. Most schools have activities that let kids be creative in this way or that. The kids do not get to choose how they create, however. Innovative Arts wants kids to become a creator of their own type.

Kids can choose designer, engineer, entrepreneur, digital creator, wordsmith, or hacker creator types and start creating as one of those creators.


The goal is to help kids become creators of their own type. 

This looks like many things:

  • Customizing projects to get hands-on experience
  • Using online tutorials and videos to learn new skills
  • Using real tools to make real projects
  • Using the three ideas within “Puzzle Shift Create”
  • Growing within the “Innovative Arts” curriculum

The first Innovative Arts class replaced the middle school technology class in Pine Island Middle school in Minnesota in 2018.

The resources on this website are free for students and other classrooms to use. The Creator’s Co-op was started to bring bulk resources to classrooms.