3D modeling is free & fun for kids and parents | Extensive video course

Free design software that can run in any browser makes it easier than ever to dive into the world of teaching 3D modeling in the classroom! You can be an expert in teaching 3D modeling with just a bit of practice! As long as you have internet-connected devices, all middle school STEM programs can include 3D design (and hopefully printing!). But even without a 3D printer, there is a lot of learning that can happen with screenshots.
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Outline of Included Lessons

What is included in the free lesson plans:

Section 1: Getting Familiar (each lesson includes an in-depth video explanation)

  • Getting Started and Controls
  • Using the Workplane
  • Grouping, solids, holes and color
  • Other collections and Shape Generators
  • Tools: Align, Flip, and Snap Grid
  • Cool tool: Duplicate
  • Practice and More Practice

Section 2:  Teaching 3D modeling (each lesson includes a video explanation)

  • Lesson Sequences
  • Student Handouts  (Both filled in and not filled in)
  • Design Criteria for First Projects 
  • Turning in Projects 
  • Common Student Issues and FAQ 
  • Extra Resources

Go to the course here.

What is Puzzle Shift Create all about?

The goal is to help students become creators of any type and to develop a middle school course, named Innovative Arts, which gives kids the support and resources that they need to get started creating.

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