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It is free for classrooms to benefit from the Creators Co-op

The Creators Co-op has plenty of expenses but supporters are helping to source new products and cover the overhead. Teachers get the bulk discount and pay $6 for shipping per order. Let’s help kids get started creating! 






The generous contributions of the Puzzle Shift Create supporters is how we make new purchases of bulk supplies and expand the catalog. The Creator’s Co-op was started by Peter Johnson and he quickly learned that he couldn’t afford to do it alone. Please help students have access to cheap learning materials in their classrooms by becoming a supporter today!




Your support will be used for two things: to fund the Creator’s Co-op and to support the development of the Innovative Arts course, where kids are challenged to become creators of their own type. The three main ideas behind the course are Puzzle, Shift, and Create.

“Puzzle” is all about the puzzle that is our minds – our mindsets, attitudes, expectations, and habits are influencing us every day. Kids can learn all of this if it is made simple. 

“Shift” is creating ways to teach kids how to better use technology – shifting our devices from a toy into a tool. The internet has resources to do almost anything if we have the desire to look.

“Create” is about bringing out the creativity and creator in everyone. It looks different for everyone, so Innovative Arts is designed to guide kids into creating on their own terms. They are becoming creators of their own type!


It seems like a simple idea… to help kids to become creators but it has been a difficult task. The overwhelmingly common answer to the question “What are you interested in?” is “I don’t know”. 

After years of trying, the goal is within reach. Kids who have been learning the ideas behind Puzzle Shift Create are ready to dive into one of the six creator types below. 




It has taken years of work to get students ready to learn on their own. It will take more years to really develop these six creator types, Supporters will have an inside view into every step, development, up and down along the way. Getting to the point of developing these six creator types has taken every night, weekend, and summer over the past years. 




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