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Part 1: Learn TinkerCAD Yourself

This course goes step by step in how to use TinkerCAD! You will learn all the basic tools, use the TinkerCAD interface, and make example projects.

Part 2: Getting Your Kids Designing

My advice to librarians:

  • You need to be proficient at this! If your students notice that you cannot do many things, they will decide that they’ll never learn either.
  • Don’t worry! There are plenty of example projects and practices that you can simply copy if you are struggling.
  • Do not rush! Take time and explore each feature. You’ll need each lesson to sink in to be able to apply them creatively. If you rush, you may not remember some basic features
  • I recommend doing a lesson a day and allowing time to try whatever you find interesting along the way. 
  • Each day review the checklist below to plant the ideas in your mind.
  • Many cool creations happen by mistake as you tinker around. Don’t be afraid to go for it, you can always undo a mistake.
  • Make sure you demonstrate a growth mindset! Some kids will struggle on the first day. The second day be sure to point out that they’ve already learned so much! Day 1 is as hard as it gets; it only gets easier.
  • Youtube is your friend! These lessons will give you a very solid foundation. After that, Youtube has tutorials for many, many different projects. My projects are interesting to me, be sure to find some that interest you.
  • Have fun and be silly! A cat can become a cat with three heads in seconds.
  • The better you get, the better you will be able to help your students.

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