Learn 3D DESIGN – Free Course for Kids and Parents

Free Course

Part 1: Learn TinkerCAD Yourself

This course goes step by step in how to use TinkerCAD! You will learn all the basic tools, use the TinkerCAD interface, and make example projects.

Part 2: Getting Kids Designing

My advice:

  • I recommend doing a lesson a day and allowing time to try whatever you find interesting along the way. 
  • Each day review the checklist printout to plant the ideas in your mind.
  • Many cool creations happen by mistake as you tinker around. Don’t be afraid to go for it, you can always undo a mistake.
  • Make sure you demonstrate a growth mindset! Some kids will struggle on the first day. The second day be sure to point out that they’ve already learned so much! Day 1 is as hard as it gets; it only gets easier.
  • Youtube is your friend! These lessons will give you a very solid foundation. After that, Youtube has tutorials for many, many different projects. My projects are interesting to me, be sure to find some that interest you.
  • Have fun and be silly! A cat can become a cat with three heads in seconds.

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